BMB AGRO TRADE is a subsidiary company established in 2017 and engaged in the cultivation of agricultural products on 1069 hectares of land in the Arnasay region of Jizzakh region. The company employs 74 people on an ongoing basis. During the season, more than 150 people are provided with seasonal work.

In 2018, according to the state contract of the “G'alla-2018” contract, the company sowed wheat on 570 hectares of land and has surrendered more than 1,200 tons of grain, exceeding the State plan. In addition, since 2018, under the state contract Cotton-2018, on 150 hectares of land, sown cotton, having surrendered 420 tons of white cotton, the state plan was exceeded.

This year, on the basis of the state plan, 200 hectares of land are cotton and 200 hectares of land are sown with wheat, 150 hectares of land are planted with sunflower, and the rest of the land is planned to grow export crops such as melons and beans.

The company also exported exports of $400,000 in 2017, $1,150 million in 2018 and $480,000 in the first four months of 2019. By the end of the year, the volume of exports is planned to reach up to $3 million.

The export geography of the company is expanding every year. In particular, this year the company exported bean products to Russia, Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, China, Qatar, Belarus and Italy.

The company is fully equipped with special equipment, special trailers and the necessary equipment for agricultural activities.

Currently, the company is working to create a system for breeding 1000 head of cattle and fisheries. In addition, construction work is underway to build a plant for the selection, calibration, and packaging of bean products.


Latif Mamatkulov
Latif MamatkulovGeneral director
Burkhon Kudratov
Burkhon Kudratov Executive director
Akmal Mamatkulov
Akmal Mamatkulov Advisor to the General director
Bahrom Karshiboyev
Bahrom Karshiboyev Deputy General director on regime and technical security
Inobat Aripova
Inobat Aripova Chief accountant
Shamsiddin Yadgarov
Shamsiddin Yadgarov Accountant on material expenses
Tolkin Khushvaktov
Tolkin Khushvaktov Head of the crew
Otabek Umirzakov
Otabek Umirzakov Head of the site
Ulugmurod Mavrupov
Ulugmurod MavrupovWarehouse manager
Bobokhon Tursunov
Bobokhon Tursunov Chief agronomist
Begzod Kanboyev
Begzod Kanboyev Machine operator
Davron Madiyev
Davron Madiyev Machine operator
Utamurodov Bahrom
Utamurodov BahromMachine operator
Hasan Makhmudov
Hasan Makhmudov Machine operator
Orzumurod Shakarov
Orzumurod Shakarov Irrigator
Anvar Toshev
Anvar Toshev Irrigator
Jasur Isayev
Jasur Isayev Irrigator
Doniyor Kushbokov
Doniyor Kushbokov Irrigator
Fakhriddin Ashirov
Fakhriddin Ashirov Irrigator
Zafar Utamaliyev
Zafar Utamaliyev Irrigator