BMB Logistic was established in 2017. The company's activity is aimed at providing services for the storage, delivery, processing of goods and cargo.

The main activities of the company are: Development of the process, infrastructure of commodity turnover from the manufacturer of raw materials to the manufacturer of the product from this raw material, from the company of the producer to the consumer; Formation and maintenance of the functioning of the commodity circulation system; Inventory management; Rationalization and optimization of the process of transportation, production and marketing of products.

The company provides the promotion of goods and resources to the consumer from the manufacturer. The main task of the logistics company is to provide services for the storage, delivery, processing of goods and cargo. The company assists in the exchange of goods, resources between enterprises, manages the flow of information.

Currently, for the implementation of this project, BMB Logistic has been allocated 40 hectares of land in the Sh. Rashidov district of the Jizzakh region and work is underway to implement a project for processing apples in the Bakhmal district of the Jizzakh region.


Nematilla Kodirov
Nematilla KodirovGeneral director
Akmal Mamatkulov
Akmal MamatkulovAdvisor of General director
Azamat Mukhamedov
Azamat MukhamedovChief Accountant