In March 2020, the Uzbek-Italian joint venture was registered in Bakhmal district of Jizzakh region. The founders of the joint venture are BMB SHIFO, a subsidiary, and the Italian company OPERA SRL (Bergamo).

It should be noted that in October 2019, with the support of the Embassy of the Republic of Uzbekistan in Italy, BMB TRADE GROUP held talks with the Italian company OPERA SRL.

Then there is the Memorandum of Understanding with Italian partners, signed on December 11, 2019, on the basis of a joint project for the cultivation, processing, and export of Italian saffron (crocus sativus) to foreign markets. Also, there are agreements on joint activities signed between BMB TRADE GROUP and OPERA SRL on February 25, 2020, with the support of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

In order to place saffron cultivation and production enterprises, 400 hectares of land were allocated at the disposal of the citizens' assembly "Uzunbulok" Bakhmal district of Jizzakh region.

The implementation of this project, worth a total of 25 million euros, will provide more than 2,000 seasonal and 200 permanent jobs for the local population, which will create additional conditions for the development of the region.

The main activities of the BMB-OPERA ZAFFERANO JV:

- Cultivation and processing of saffron, including sowing, harvesting, sorting, storage, processing and packaging, production of essential oils;
- Establishment of manufacturing enterprises for medical, technical and other purposes;
- Import and use of modern Italian equipment, the establishment of a research and innovation laboratory to determine the quality of products;
- Export of finished products to Italy and European countries, as well as to other markets around the world.

On April 10, 2020, the Resolution of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On measures for the protection, cultivation, processing and rational use of available resources of wild-growing medicinal plants" was adopted. This testifies to the high attention of the Head of State and creates ample opportunities for investment projects in this area.

According to this decision, with the full organizational support of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the government of Jizzakh region, the government of Bakhmal district on May 1, 2020, the joint venture BMB-OPERA ZAFFERANO became a cluster of medicinal plants.

The Uzbek-Italian project on cultivation, processing, and export of saffron has a worthy place on the agenda of trade and economic cooperation between the two countries.

The project will contribute to the development of strategic cooperation in the organization of medicinal plants in Uzbekistan, applying the experience and technology of advanced Italian specialists in the implementation of the project.


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