BMB Shifo

BMB SHIFO was founded in 2019 in Bakhmal district of Jizzakh region.
The company's activities are aimed at collecting and procurement of medicines, such as wormwood, Ungernia Victor (Artemisia absinthium L.) (Ungernia victoris Vved.ex Artjush.), Valeriana officinalis L, Melissa officinalis L., Medicinal sage (Salvia officinalis L.), Medicinal calendula (Calendula officinalis L.), Tuberous sunflower (Jerusalem artichoke) (Helianthus tuberosus L.), Plantain (Plantago major L.), Ferula varia (Shayir - Ferula varia L.), root There are more than 50 types of licorice and other medicinal herbs.
The company has established the cultivation and processing of medicinal plants and the production of essential oils and tinctures from Lavender, Saffron, Basil, Melissa officinalis, Tarragon, Amaranth, Chamomile, common yarrow and others.
In carrying out its activities, the company closely cooperates with the State Forestry Committee for the collection of medicinal plants on the land areas of the forest fund.

The herbs collected by the company are used by the Tea Development Research and Production Center for the production of herbal teas.
The production of cultivation of a new variety Indigo (Indigofera tinctoria L.), bred by Uzbek scientists, is being established. Indigo is used in the textile industry in Asia and Europe as a source of valuable natural dyeing pigment (from blue to ruby ​​red) for dyeing cotton, silk and woolen products.
Also in the pharmaceutical industry as a raw material for obtaining valuable antibacterial and antifungal drugs, medicinal mixtures for dog and snake bites, drugs for the treatment of epilepsy, skin ulcers, liver toxicosis, as an antidepressant, and even against some forms of cancer.
During the period of collecting medicinal herbs, the company attracts up to 1,000 employees


Yakhshiboy Ozodov
Yakhshiboy Ozodov Director
Tukhtaev Boboqul
Tukhtaev BoboqulAdvisor to the Director
Shakhzod Normurodov
Shakhzod Normurodov Accountant
Khudoyberdi Razzokov
Khudoyberdi Razzokov Manager of PR and media department
Bekzod Amonullayev
Bekzod AmonullayevManager of IT department
Jamshid Islomkhodjaev
Jamshid Islomkhodjaev Head of Department of supply
Sirojiddin Pardaboyev
Sirojiddin Pardaboyev Senior specialist of department of supply
Behzod Erkinov
Behzod Erkinov Specialist of graphic design
Abduazim Baratov
Abduazim Baratov Control manager
Akbar Norkulov
Akbar Norkulov Control manager