Investment and consulting company, employing 40 experts and analysts, whose services have already been used by more than 200 foreign companies.

The company has designed investment projects with the participation of its own and attracted direct foreign investments for a total amount of about $ 500 million.
Annually opens 2 enterprises for the production, processing, storage and export of agricultural products, is aimed at further expanding the range of services and activities.

The main activities of the company are:
- development of international business and trade relations;
- attracting foreign investment;
- implementation of investment projects in various sectors of the economy;
- introduction of innovative technologies;
- creation of modern agro-industrial clusters;
- export of agricultural products;
- import of modern equipment and production lines from China to our country;
- provision of consulting services for business and investment projects;
- further expansion of other types of agricultural products, such as growing, processing, storage, as well as export to world markets.

The structure of the company:
- The head office of the company is located in the center of Tashkent city;
Affiliated undertaking
- BMB Agro Trade; (Jizzakh region, Arnasay district)
- BMB Export-Import Global; (Tashkent city)
- BMB Logistic; (Jizzakh region, Sh. Rashidov region)
- BMB Shifo; (Jizzakh region, Bakhmal district)
- Jizzax High Tech Group; (Jizzakh region, Sh. Rashidov region)
- International Scientific - Practical Center of Dentistry (Tashkent);
- BMB Global Sayohat (Tashkent).

Joint ventures
- Uzbek-Chinese JV Research and Production Center for the production of tea (Tashkent);
- Uzbek-Russian JV BMB-NRC Agrologistics; (Jizzakh region, Sh. Rashidovsky district);
- Uzbek-Italian BMB-OPERA Zafferano (Jizzakh region, Bakhmal district);
- Uzbek-Chinese JV BMB-GT Group Co., LTD, (Zhengzhou, 郑州 市, Henan, China);
- Uzbek-Tajik JV BMB AVAS Za'faron


Theprofessionalqualificatedreliablefriendlyteam of BMB Trade Group

Supervisory board

Bekzod Mamatkulov
Bekzod MamatkulovChairman of the Supervisory board
Tursunali Kuziev
Tursunali KuzievAdvisor to Chairman of the Supervisory board
Sherzodkhon Kudrathodja
Sherzodkhon KudrathodjaAdvisor to Chairman of the Supervisory board
Uktam Makhmudjonov
Uktam MakhmudjonovMember of the Supervisory board
Sayyora Rashidova
Sayyora RashidovaMember of the Supervisory board

Headquarters staff

Makhmud Asamov
Makhmud Asamov General Director
Mirgulom Usmanov
Mirgulom Usmanov First Deputy General Director - Head of International Relationships and Commercial Complex
Elyor Ibrohimov
Elyor Ibrohimov Deputy General Director - Head of Financial and Economic Affairs Complex
Abduolim Khidirov
Abduolim Khidirov Deputy General Director - Head of HR and Regime Complex
Mansur Kulmatov
Mansur Kulmatov Deputy General Director on General Affairs
Abdurashid Sharafutdinov
Abdurashid Sharafutdinov Deputy General Director - Head of Agricultural and Investment Projects Complex
Bakhodir Kamilov
Bakhodir Kamilov Advisor of General Director - Head of Press Service
Sherali Ortikov
Sherali Ortikov Deputy Head of Press Service
Sa’dulla Agzamov
Sa’dulla Agzamov Head of Department of Economic Relationships
Abduvohid Nomozov
Abduvohid Nomozov Chief Accountant
Bobirjon Mavlonov
Bobirjon Mavlonov Head of Department of Development and Control of Agricultural Infrastructure
Amirkhon Akhmedov
Amirkhon Akhmedov Head of Marketing and Commercial Department
Inobat Mamatkulova
Inobat Mamatkulova Head of Department of Internal Audit
Abror Ibragimov
Abror Ibragimov Head of Department of Financial Analytics and Economic Forecasting
Nodir Sayfutdinov
Nodir Sayfutdinov Head of Department of Regime and Internal Security
Doniyor Pulatov
Doniyor Pulatov Head of Protocol Service
Khayrulla Nabijonov
Khayrulla Nabijonov Head of Department of International Affairs
Inamjon Marupov
Inamjon Marupov Head of Information and Analytics Department
Furkat Begmatov
Furkat Begmatov Head of Department of Supply
Askar Begimov
Askar Begimov Chief Manager of HR Department
Mukhammadali Azlarov
Mukhammadali Azlarov Chief Manager of Marketing research and Commercial Department
Mirzokhid Donaboev
Mirzokhid Donaboev Senior manager of Department of Development and Control of Agricultural Infrastructure
Shahbozbek Kariev
Shahbozbek Kariev Senior manager of Press Service
Nodirbek Azamov
Nodirbek Azamov Senior manager of Press Service
Sanjar Isakov
Sanjar Isakov Manager of Department of Investment projects
Saidakbar Sharipov
Saidakbar Sharipov Manager of Press Service
Azizbek Khasanov
Azizbek Khasanov Manager of Department of Investment projects
Jamshid Islamkhodjayev
Jamshid Islamkhodjayev Manager of Department of Supply
Nurislom Ishpulatov
Nurislom Ishpulatov Inspector of Department of Regime and Internal security
Nurbek Jiyanboev
Nurbek Jiyanboev Engineer of Technical control