Wednesday, 30 June 2021 12:24


Grain is a strategic asset of Uzbekistan, one of the main benefits that determine the well-being of people, as well as an important tool for food security.

BMB Trade Group is also active in the grain sector. Thus, the team of the company makes a worthy contribution to the replenishment of the food reserves of our people.

This year, during the grain harvesting season, there were difficult weather conditions and a shortage of water, an increase in prices for seeds, fertilizers and fuels.

Nevertheless, the employees of the BMB Agro Trade subsidiary have successfully fulfilled the plan for growing cereals. The painstaking and honest work of the representatives of our friendly team has borne fruit. Thanks to their efforts, the wheat harvest became fruitful.

The company's management sincerely congratulates all employees - farmers, agronomists, water workers, irrigators, accountants, in a word, all employees who have completed this important task, with this honorable result and success.

In turn, the company's management wishes all grain growers of our country to successfully fulfill the food plan. Today's bountiful harvest is tomorrow's blessing, a source of blessings for the well-being of people.