Wednesday, 30 June 2021 13:02


On June 30 of this year, a meeting of representatives of BMB Trade Group with Italian partners was held.

During the meeting, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of BMB Trade Group Bekzod Mamatkulov and members of the delegation led by the president of OPERA S.R.L. company Paolo de Angelis.

It was noted that the project to create saffron plantations in the Jizzakh region is being implemented with the active support of the Ministry of Investment and Foreign Trade of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Embassy of the Republic of Uzbekistan in Italy.

Among the guests - Giuseppe Camastra, professor at the University of Piacenza, experts Michel Riguerro, Salvatore Schichitano, Anca Maria Vanea commented on the success of the project.

This is not in vain. The reason is that the Italian guests visited the Bakhmal region yesterday to get acquainted with the saffron plantations, created in cooperation with BMB Trade Group, and the processing of valuable raw materials obtained from them.

The results of this visit were discussed at the meeting today.

It was noted that the products under the "BMB Zafaron" brand, which are currently supplied to the domestic and foreign markets in cooperation with OPERA S.R.L., have become popular among consumers.

In turn, BMB TRADE GROUP and OPERA S.R.L signed an important agreement for a total of 3 million euros. In accordance with it, in the first ten days of July this year, BMB Trade Group will begin exporting saffron products to Italy under the BMB Za'faron trademark.

During the negotiations, proposals and recommendations for further expansion of cooperation were developed.

The Italian partners thanked the organizers for the content and efficiency of the visit to the Jizzakh region.

Following the meeting, the parties recognized the usefulness of a lively dialogue, exchange of views and experience with the involvement of experts and agreed to hold such meetings on a regular basis.