The research and production center for the development of tea production, which operates in the field of tea. The company was established in 2018 by Uzbek and Chinese partners.

   The main activities of the center are:

- organizing the harvesting of seeds and tea seedlings, providing them with farms and entrepreneurs;

- development of tea cultivation technology, taking into account climatic and other conditions, the creation of industrial tea plantations, the consistent increase in the volume of tea production;

- the introduction of modern lines of industrial processing and packaging of tea products;

- development of systems for maintaining high-quality products and marketing to bring products to foreign markets;

- maintaining broad international contacts with world tea producers in order to exchange experience and attract modern approved technologies for the production of tea and tea products.

   Currently, for the implementation of this project, the Research and Production Center for the development of tea production in  Zaamin district of Jizzakh region has been allocated land plots where work is underway to organize the harvesting of seeds and planting tea seedlings. Production is located in the city of Tashkent, where modern lines of industrial processing and packaging of tea products were introduced and installed, with the help of which the grown tea petals are processed and packaged in bags.




Almost 90% populations of Uzbekistan consume green tea. Black tea is mainly consumed in Tashkent and some parts of Valley, while all other regions consume green tea.

Tea consumers are divided into 2 categories:

Dining rooms, Restaurants, weddings




Packing in carton box (in foil) - Storage period up to 1 year.


Packaging in a paper box - Storage period up to 3-4 months.


Ceramic Pots. Ceramic pots are packaged in China and are more expensive. Storage life is v very long.


Wooden boxes. Such packaging is also made in China. But it’s too expensive.


Packing in a metal box - It's expensive. It is mainly produced for gift sales. The inside is a nickel. Storage life is very long.


Packaging in small tea bags.


Packaging in Uzbekistan is made of cardboard and polyethylene packages. It is packed in 3 and 8-kilo bags for wholesale. It can be put on sale in bags of up to 30 kilograms, as increasing the cost of tea, smaller mini-markets (preferably less than 8 kilos) accept tea bags.

Also buying kg is expensive so most people prefer to buy expensive teas at 100 gr, 200 gr. That’s why it would be better to package and sell them as 100 gr or 200 gr.



The production of tea in pure form or in combination with other medicinal herbs can produce better results. For this purpose, it is possible to determine the benefits of medicinal herbs and to produce and sell these herbs in combination with blue tea. The advertising of such products should mainly focus on the treatment of such diseases of the cocaine compounds.

For example, “Zizifora” is consumed by the population as medicinal herbs. This can be packed in combination with green tea in a certain proportion. Additionally, it is possible to produce and sell the tea as a remedy with other medicinal herbs.

It is possible to organize such sales not only in shops but also in drugstores.



When the tea is packed, it is possible to raise the sales volume with a focus on advertising.

  • In mass media (mainly TV)

  • Internet

  • It is desirable to use the streets with banners.

If it is produced in combination with medicinal herbs, it can be used as a promotional video on television-related health-related TV programs

  • Distribution Channels

Distribution channels, which can be distributed from the supplier to the consumer, play an important role in the sale of the goods. Currently, the distribution channels provided by the Tea Center are as follows: However, distribution channels can be further expanded through distribution points in regions.


Team of Research and production center of development of tea production

Bay Hao Heng
Bay Hao HengDirector
Bay Yi Ping
Bay Yi PingAdvisor to Director
Lada Nigmatullina
Lada NigmatullinaChief Accountant